Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotic Prescription

Faulty biomechanics (how your body moves) can be a key reason for injury and recurrent injury. The prescription and use of custom-made orthotic insoles can help normalise biomechanics and recovery from injury.

What is Biomechanics?

The field of biomechanics applies principles of mechanics to study the structure and function of biological systems. The basis of biomechanical analysis is the determination of how forces generated within the body, or how forces applied to the body, influence the way that we move. Structural problems in your feet can alter your walking pattern, running pattern & cause pain throughout your body. Clear & accurate assessment of the mechanics of your lower limbs is key to understanding the profound effect that subtle faults in your foot, ankle, knee & hip alignment can cause.

What We Offer

Our Biomechanical specialists may perform detailed investigations to determine how each patient moves (kinematics) or identify the causes of body movement (kinetics) to enhance our understanding of issues concerning health and exercise. Our Biomechanical specialists will take a lower limb mechanical assessment of you, to provide a complete diagnostic of foot & lower limb function; allowing treatment or orthotics to be prescribed accurately.

Orthotic Prescription

Orthotics are insoles that are custom designed for your feet. To get the specifications and individual needs for your feet, a plaster cast of your foot in its relaxed position will be taken and then sent on to a lab where the custom insole will be created. When you start wearing the new insole it will begin to correct the alignment of your foot which will be reflected in your body. These orthotic insoles will help to relieve any pain from tissue strain or abnormal structures in the body