Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Clonee Physio

All athletes, whether amateur or professional, are likely to incur an injury at some point in their sporting careers. A sports injury may affect any area of the body, and will depend on the nature of the sport played. Sports injuries fall into two broad categories, traumatic or overuse.


Traumatic Injuries

Such an injury may occur as the result of a direct trauma, such as a collision with another player, a fall or a blow from a piece of equipment such as a hurl or hockey stick.  A traumatic injury may result in bleeding/bruising, fracture, ligament or muscle tears etc. A traumatic injury will require acute care but also follow-up treatment, depending on severity.


Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries may develop over time and come as the result of certain repetitive motions associated with sport. An example of an overuse injury would be a baseball player developing a rotatory cuff injury. The management of an overuse injury will include sport-specific advice to prevent recurrence of the injury.